ActivityTopicFaculty ChairLaunch DateCreditExpiration Date
icon_499596.pngHyperkalemia and Health Outcomes: A HFSA Symposium Highlights - Part 1NephrologyMurray Epstein, MD, FSACP, FSN05-Apr-161 AMA
04-Apr-18499596riq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_508906.pngHyperkalemia and Health Outcomes: A HFSA Symposium Highlights - Part 2NephrologyMurray Epstein, MD, FSACP, FSN07-Apr-161 AMA
06-Apr-18508906riq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_507667.jpgHyperkalemia and Heart Failure: A Case Vignette ProgramNephrologyBarry Greenberg, MD22-Mar-161 AMA
21-Mar-18507667riq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_504636.jpgHyperkalemia and Heart Failure: A Mastery Assessment ProgramNephrologyBarry Greenberg, MD29-Mar-161 AMA
28-Mar-18504636riq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_472060.jpgHyperkalemia MAP - A Mastery Assessment ProgramNephrologyMurray Epstein, MD, FACP, FSN25-Nov-151 AMA
24-Nov-17472060A comprehensiveriq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_483626.jpgWorld Congress of Nephrology - A Symposium HighlightsNephrologyMurray Epstein, MD, FACP, FSN15-Dec-151 AMA
14-Dec-17483626riq_484783Hyperkalemia and Health Outcomes
icon_519120.jpgMigraine Masters Part III: Meet the Migraine Patient - a programNeurologyBrian D. Loftus, MD07-Jul-161.5 AMA
1.5 ANCC
06-Jul-18519120riq_516305Modern Migraine Management
icon_515146.jpgMigraine Masters: Part II: Pharmacology - a programNeurologyStephen Landy, MD09-Jun-161.5 AMA
1.5 ANCC
08-Jun-18515146Migraine Mastersriq_516305Modern Migraine Management
MigraineMastersCourseIcon.jpgMigraine Masters Part I: The Fundamentals - a ProgramNeurologyRebecca Burch, MD12-May-161.5 AMA
1.5 ANCC
11-May-18508287Migraine Mastersriq_516305Modern Migraine Management
Pulmonary Disease
icon_412715.gifMargaret Visit 1: A 67-year-old woman with a previous cardiac diagnosisPulmonary DiseaseVanessa Craig, MD28-May-152 AMA
27-May-18412715riq_423585Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis